Wednesday 29 January 2020
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Proposed Development in Denmead ~ AQUIND Interconnector

The next development proposal to affect much of our local area is an infrastructure project led by AQUIND.

LATEST UPDATE - AQUIND has now submitted its Development Consent application, which shall be considered by the Planning Inspectorate before a recommendation is made to the Secretary of State on whether to grant the application. Confirmation has been received from AQUIND to inform that the 'Highways Route' option for laying the cables via Mill Road and Martin Avenue, has now been discounted. 

Representatives from AQUIND attended Denmead Parish Council's Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 11th December 2019 at 7.30pm in the Old School. To read Minutes from the meeting, CLICK HERE.

Councillors and  residents were given the opportunity to ask any questions and to express their concerns. 

To view AQUIND's  responses to Denmead Parish Councillors' list of questions from the meeting on 11th December 2019, CLICK HERE.

To view the latest information with timelines, provided by Winchester City Council, in respect of the submitted proposal, CLICK HERE

 The concept, according to AQUIND, is that by connecting the French and UK grids, both countries can balance supply and demand by reducing the risk of loss of power.  AQUIND predicts that the decision shall be finalised by Spring 2021 and it is estimated that the Interconnector could become operational by 2022. 

Information and guidance to the formal application and overall DCO process, which includes over 500 documents, can now be accessed by clicking on the following link:




Police Are Asking to Share Your Views

Please Share Your Views on Council Tax Contribution To Policing   

Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, is urging residents to ensure they have their say on the level of contribution they are willing to make towards the cost of local policing.   The Government has today announced that Police and Crime Commissioner’s will be given the flexibility to increase the policing precept by  £10 per Band D household per year to help meet the current challenges policing faces.   Michael Lane said “It is good news that the Minister has recognised the continued need for flexibility in the local tax precept setting powers that Police and Crime Commissioners have.   “An increase in the policing precept this year will enable Hampshire Constabulary to maintain its current level of police officers and build on this with additional recruitment. Despite the investments being made nationally, without an increase in the policing element of the council tax police officer numbers could still reduce. It is therefore more important than ever that I hear from council tax payers share their views about the level of contribution they would be willing to make through my precept survey.”   “As a result of the public’s support for an increase in policing element of the council tax last year, I am pleased to confirm that 210 additional police officers and 65 police investigators were recruited into Hampshire Constabulary and they are now working to keep you safer in your local communities. This places Hampshire Constabulary in a good position to build upon.”   “I continue to believe that a nationally fairer funder formula is the most appropriate way for the long term future of policing funding.  I know that there are pressures on government, but I will continue to fight for this.”   The settlement recognises the challenges faced by today’s policing of increasing demands, greater complexity and changes in criminal activity.   If an increase in local council tax precept of 803 pence per month or £10 per year for a Band D property is supported it will help to keep communities safer and will,

  • ensure the recruitment of new officers to maintain the current level of policing
  • enable Hampshire Constabulary to access the national funding to recruit an additional 156 police officers

This funding will:

  • Allow police officers to spend more time in local communities to prevent and investigate crime as it happens
  • Provide equipment and training to make police officers even more effective
  • Fund additional police staff in contact centres so that emergency and non-emergency calls are answered more effectively

With 61% of council tax payers in the Hampshire Constabulary policing area residing in properties that are Band A-C the majority of people will see an increase of less than £10 a year.    

Proposed contribution to policing in council tax bands for 2020/21











 140.97  164.47 187.96   211.46  258.45 305.44   352.43  422.92



Denmead Street Lighting Arrangements ~ Effective January 2020

In order to help reduce maintenance costs for residents, revised street lighting arrangements will be implemented in Denmead from 9th January 2020, as advised by Hampshire County Council Highways.

Denmead's current part-time night arrangements will be extended by the implementation of the new times, which shall be from 00:30 to 04:30. Also there will be a change from the current lighting arrangement to Hampshire County Council’s “Extended Rural Dimming” regime.

Carpenters Field Development


Please note that on Tuesday 26th November work will start in Hambledon Rd (near Anmore Rd) to construct an access point into the new residential development. The duration of the work is 1 week but it may finish earlier. Three-way traffic lights will be used to manage traffic.

 In the new year, work will start in Anmore Rd to carry out further work required for the housing development. This will require Anmore Rd to be closed for 3 weeks. Closing the road allows the work to be completed more quickly, minimising the overall disruption for residents. Access to all properties along Anmore Rd will always remain open.

 The works have been designed by ‘ELLUC engineers’, consultants to the Developer, Persimmon Homes and are being constructed by Earthtec Contractors.

 It is predicted that the first occupation is anticipated in December with the whole build estimated to be finishing by 2021.

Denmead Parish Council will be informed by the Developer of any possible temporary road disruption. We will endeavour to keep our residents informed accordingly. 


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