Monday 8 February 2016
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Denmead Parish Council

Lloyds Bank Closure Notice

Notification has been given by Lloyds Bank that they will be closing their Denmead Branch in April 2016. Further details can be found here:



Could you become a Councillor?

Denmead is a safe, successful, prosperous, and friendly community, and if you are reading this, you probably live here. It’s Home to you.
There are currently two vacancies on the Parish Council so there is an opportunity for new faces and fresh ideas.

The Parish Council consists of 13 Councillors. Its job is to make Denmead a more enjoyable place in which to live. The Council interfaces with other service providers such as Winchester City Council, Hampshire County Council, the Police and others to make sure Denmead gets the services to which it is entitled. As all Council members live in the community, they, as a collective body, are in the best position to represent the villagers’ interests.

It is important that the Council operates at full strength with any vacancies filled. It is also important to improve the democratic process and give all eligible residents the opportunity to put their names forward to become Councillors

So please consider applying to become a Councillor for Denmead Parish Council.

You may wonder what it takes to become a Councillor. People become councillors for many different reasons, sometimes they are passionate about a local issue, or they just want to be involved in improving the lives of people around them.

There is no 'councillor type'. Just ordinary, everyday people, making a difference. People like you. Groups made up of diverse individuals tend to make better informed decisions, and this is true of a Council. Almost anyone who is registered to vote, lives, works, or owns property in Denmead can become a councillor.

As a Councillor you would help to develop policies and be involved in decision-making. You would be expected to make as many Council and Committee meetings as possible, where these decisions are made. If you want to know more about the commitment, please contact The Clerk by email: or by telephone on 023 9224 7947 and have a chat about it.



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